Tarragona is situated 80km from Barcelona.  From BCN you can reach Tarragona by train, bus or particular car. All three options are  from 60 to 70 minutes long.


From the airpot, you have two options:
1-BUS: there is a bus from Terminal 1 to Tarragona “Plaza imperial”, where the oficial hotel is. The bus costs 13 euro and bikes are allowed to carry in their cases. Once in tarragona, where the second hotel building is, you have a EUROPCAR rental car company if you  decide to rent a car once in tarragona.
2-Rental car: you can hire a car from Terminal 1 in Barcelona and drive to Tarragona. It’s one hour drive. Parking in Tarragona might be difficult in some central places but the periferia is an easy area to park.

If you are visiting Barcelona or you plan to visit Barcelona, there is a train from Tarragona Station (next to the start line) to Barcelona city center (BCN-Sants)


T1 from T2 is 5km away.
By car is 10 minutes.